Featured Article: Tips For Homeowners – What to do if You Have a Flooded Basement

flooded basementThose living in Hall County may ask themselves: What should you do when you have a flooded basement? Basement flooding is one of the most serious problems a home owner can face, yet not many know what to do when they’re actually confronted with it. Here are a few tips for you if you ever find yourself with water in your basement.

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Protect Yourself

Basement floods can cause damage to your home’s gas and electrical supplies. This can lead to gas leaks and electrical shock. To protect yourself and anyone else living in your home you should shut off the gas and electricity to your home when you have any sort of significant water leak. You should also open doors and windows to ventilate the house and get rid of any dangerous fumes caused by the flood.

Find the Source of the Leak

The next step should be to find the source of the leak so you can possibly stop any more water from entering your basement. There could be a number of possibilities, including heavy rain or snowfall, a burst water pipe inside your home or a sewage backup. If the water is coming from your house’s plumbing system shut off your water supply. If the source of the flood is from an outside water source you have less options and will unfortunately have to water until the leak stops on its own.

Call the Professionals

Finally, you’ll want to place some calls to get some assistance. If the flood is caused by your home plumbing system call a plumber. If the problem is a sewage backup or an outside water source you should call the city. For a sewage problem the city will assess whether it is their lines causing the problem or yours. If your lines are the course of the backup you’ll have to call a plumber.

Once that is done call your insurance agent to make sure you are covered for this sort of damage. They will likely have some helpful tips for you as well to help you deal with the problem.

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